Welcome we specialize in jewelry repairs.

Thank you for choosing us. We specialize in fine jewelry repairs and custom design wedding bands and engagement rings. Our jewelry shop is located in Alpharetta, Ga. If you are located in any other city or state other than Atlanta, Georgia please follow these steps to send us your jewelry for repairs. Or to have your piece custom made.

 Instructions: 1. Carefully wrap your jewelry and itemize them on a sheet of paper along wiht the description of each item. Make sure your address and phone number is included as well as your email for us to contact you.

2. Put the items along with the sheet of paper documenting the items to be sent into a secure shipping box or envelope taking care  no item can poke through the package. 

3. Place a self addressed pre paid shipping label for the return of your items in the package. 

4. Carefully seal and ship your package to us making sure a signature is required when delivered. A signature is required both for us when we receive your package and when we send your items back to you. 

The address for shipping to us is: 

C/O Nedrick Gavin LLC

348 South Main Street Suite A

Alpharetta, Ga. 20009

Most repairs will be returned to you within 3 to 5 business days. If that is not possible we will give you a call to explain why. You will know as soon as we receive your item how long it will take via an email or phone number provided.

Repair Price List